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5 Trendy Commercial Kitchen Appliances For Restaurant Efficiency

5 Trendy Commercial Kitchen Appliances For Restaurant Efficiency Commercial kitchens can be tricky to create, which could be the understatement of the year. Restaurant owners need appliances that are functional but also look great. And though some pieces of older, sturdier equipment can probably go the distance year after year without too much fuss, there are some definite advantages to having newer items, everything from more features and better performance …Read More

5 Ways to Raise Cash for Your Start-Up Business

5 Ways to Raise Cash for Your Start-Up Business Starting a business can be one of the most gratifying experiences anyone can have.  However, it takes a little money to make money though and coming up with enough cash to get your business off the ground can be difficult.  There are expenses such as marketing, rent, payroll, and utilities that can add up fast. With little or no money coming …Read More

IRS Section 179 Deduction Benefits

Section 179 Deductions The deduction limit for Section 179 in now $500,000! WHAT HAS CHANGED? The deduction limit for Section 179 is now $500,000. This means that if you buy (or finance) a piece of Equipment, they can deduct the Full Purchase Price (up to$500,000) from your gross income. You can take the entirety of the deduction in the same tax year. The Section 179 deduction threshold for total amount …Read More

Using the Trucking Industry to Gauge the Economy

Is the Trucking Industry the gauge we should be looking at to guess the economy ? As I sip my cup of morning Joe, I wonder how this coffee got to my front door.   By my estimation, it was probably shipped from South America to California and from there trucked to a roaster.  Then trucked to my local super market.  Two thirds of all domestic goods in the U.S. are …Read More

What is a Lease Purchase for Equipment Financing?

What is a Lease Purchase for Equipment Financing? Leasing Equipment instead of making outright purchases has many advantages, especially for new or expanding companies. A Lease Purchase Agreement enables you to obtain equipment that you may otherwise be unable to afford, but that you need to grow your company and increase your profits. It allows you to purchase the equipment to increase revenue while you pay it off over time. …Read More

How Do I Get Working Capital for Inventory Finance?

Regardless of how big or small your business is, if you sell products you need inventory. Finding inventory financing however is not always easy. Many business owners struggle with cash-flow issues that make it challenging for them to free up cash in order to have inventory on hand. The good news is, with just your last 3 months business bank statements, you may be able to qualify for your inventory …Read More

Does Your Company Have a Presence?

We’re are all drawn to people who have a “presence” and companies are sort of the same way. People who have a presence are charismatic but companies who have a presence are findable. When a potential customer is deciding whether or not to work with you – or when an equipment lender like us is evaluating you – your company is searched for online hits to see if you have …Read More

How do I really get my business loan approved?

Although there may be no simple answer to this question but here are 3 things to focus on to increase your chances. Have consistent information – Many businesses will ask for a financing approval and supply one business name on the loan application, a different will appear on their bank statements and then yet another company name on their tax returns, financial statements or business license. When you speak with …Read More

Benefits of Asset Financing for Today’s Business Owner

Asset financing or leasing offers a variety of benefits, especially in today’s economic climate. One of the main reasons that many business owners choose this option is to reduce their initial out-of-pocket expenditures. Leasing could be the right choice for your business, too. Here’s why. The available programs vary in their structure but in some cases no down payment is required. Some direct lenders offer 100% asset finance and also …Read More

Lease Finance

What is Lease Finance and What are the Benefits for Business Owners? Lease Finance is an arrangement between you, the business owner, and a leasing company that allows you to select and use an asset without purchasing it outright. You make a monthly payment that is considered a business expense. The types of equipment available include: Medical equipment for labs and doctor’s offices Exercise Equipment for gyms, hotels and office …Read More