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COVID Cleaning Equipment Financing

COVID Cleaning Equipment

The COVID pandemic that started in January of 2020 changed the course of business throughout the world.  How we work, live, and play have changed to degrees we’re just beginning to comprehend.  Cultural, religious, and traditional practices maybe changed forever.  Work and living environments will need modification and support equipment to adhere to this new and different world we find ourselves in.

Brickhouse Capital is keeping a close eye on COVID related equipment and industries that will require capital finance solutions.  We have secured vendor finance relationships with manufacturers that are making tomorrows protection and cleaning equipment and we’re making the challenge of acquiring this equipment more financially feasible.

Here is a list of common types of equipment used for COVID and other virus related cleaning equipment:

All of our financing solutions are affordable, with low monthly payments with little money down.  We do not require financial statements or taxes and can approve within just a day or so.