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UV Lighting

UV Light Financing

UV Light equipment is in high demand as millions return to work and businesses ready their space for people.  It is expected that COVID-19 may exist in our environment for many years to come.

UV Light equipment is expected to blossom in 2021 and beyond.  UV Light modules can be place in schools, offices, gyms and in pretty much all working spaces where people work and live in close proximity.

Brickhouse Capital has a customized UV Light equipment financing program for virtually any industry within the United States.  Depending on the square footage, this equipment can be expensive- financing or leasing this equipment might make the most financial sense.

  • UV Light Financing
  • COVID UV Light Financing
  • Corona Virus UV Light Equipment Financing

Here are a few types of other COVID related equipment Brickhouse Capital can finance for you:

  • Thermal Imaging Scanners / Pedestrian Thermometer
  • Plexiglass work space partisans
  • HEPA ventilation systems/filters/ air scrubbers, air purifiers

All of our financing solutions are affordable, with low monthly payments with little money down.  We do not require financial statements or taxes and can approve within just a day or so.