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Equipment Dealers

Equipment Dealers

Don’t let your customers say no because of the sticker price of your product. Having a lease finance option for your customers will increase your bottom line at the end of the year, and doesn’t cost anything to you.

Today, businesses are desperately trying to retain their working capital and stay within their capital equipment budget. Offering a lease program gives them a second option.


  • We are a Direct Lender – Many lease companies pretend to loan their own money but we actually do. This allows us to approve deals quicker and fund you faster. We are the deciders and not beholden to a banks perception of a transaction or a victim to their whims.
  • We approve “A” credits down to “D” credits – Brickhouse Capital is in a unique position to be able to approve a wide variety of credit profiles and equipment nationwide and in Canada. If there is a piece of equipment or credit profile that does not fit our credit box, it’s not the end of the line for your customer. We have over 20 partner lenders and banks that may have an interest in financing your customer. We go to the ends of the earth to finance your customer if we can’t do it internally.
  • Pre-funding– Brickhouse can provide pre-funding prior to equipment delivery. Many leasing companies will not pay for equipment until it is delivered at the customer’s site. Brickhouse can pay 50%-100% in advance for approved vendors. This can eliminate risk, and help your cash flow so you don’t have cover the cost of paying suppliers and expenses related to the order.
  • Up-Selling – Many times we can approve above the requested amount needed by the customer and we can let you know what this Max is. This give your sales people an opportunity to up-sell more of your product. Sometimes the difference in monthly payment for “those extras” you like to add are nominal when looking at the monthly payment, but huge for your margin on a sale.
  • Works outside of the Capital Budget – Customers have several reasons for saying NO and probably the biggest one is “we just don’t have it in the budget this year”. With our operating lease option, larger corporate customers and municipalities can work outside of the constraints of a capital budget and still acquire your equipment. A monthly rental payment is typically free and clear of capital budget constraints, and can sometimes be signed off by a manager with lower levels of signing authority.
  • Makes your product more attractive – There is a reason why Ford Motor, GMAC, Honda, Lexus, etc. sell the monthly payment of cars and trucks on TV. It’s because people and businesses usually budget everything based on monthly expenses. Seeing a $50,000 sticker price on a machine may overwhelm a potential customer, but a $900 a month payment for that same machine may close the deal. A monthly or quarterly payment is something your customers can’t get their arms around.