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Benefits of Asset Financing for Today’s Business Owner

Asset financing or leasing offers a variety of benefits, especially in today’s economic climate. One of the main reasons that many business owners choose this option is to reduce their initial out-of-pocket expenditures. Leasing could be the right choice for your business, too. Here’s why. The available programs vary in their structure but in some cases no down payment is required. Some direct lenders offer 100% asset finance and also …Read More

Leasing – Everyone is doing it

According to the US Small Business Administration, 80% of businesses lease a portion of their equipment. These businesses include small family owned businesses to Fortune 500 Companies. Because of the myriad of benefits equipment leasing can provide, it has become a crucial tool for growing companies today. Along with providing significant tax and cash flow advantages, equipment leasing can provide your business with a number of other benefits that allow …Read More