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How do I really get my business loan approved?

Although there may be no simple answer to this question but here are 3 things to focus on to increase your chances. Have consistent information – Many businesses will ask for a financing approval and supply one business name on the loan application, a different will appear on their bank statements and then yet another company name on their tax returns, financial statements or business license. When you speak with …Read More

Lease Finance

What is Lease Finance and What are the Benefits for Business Owners? Lease Finance is an arrangement between you, the business owner, and a leasing company that allows you to select and use an asset without purchasing it outright. You make a monthly payment that is considered a business expense. The types of equipment available include: Medical equipment for labs and doctor’s offices Exercise Equipment for gyms, hotels and office …Read More

Capital Lease vs. Operating Lease

Capital Lease vs. Operating Lease—What’s the Difference? When comparing the capital lease vs. operating lease the differences have to do mainly with the accounting method, the tax treatment and the ownership of the equipment. Here are the typical differences between the two types of leases. Accounting The capital-type is more like a loan. The equipment you are leasing is treated as an asset and appears on your balance sheet. The …Read More

IT Equipment Leasing

IT Equipment Leasing – The smart choice for technology and here’s why. Equipment leasing has been around for 5000 years, but a lot has changed since the first farmers shook hands on leasing an Ox Cart. Today, businesses spend billions of dollars a year leasing computer hardware, leasing software to run their business. Unlike a bull dozer or a tractor, IT Equipment depreciates quickly because the new hardware being invented …Read More

Leasing vs. Bank Loan

The Advantages of Leasing vs Financing When considering whether to do an equipment lease or use a bank loan to fund your equipment purchase, it is good to consider the following items to make an informed decision: Information Needed for approval:  Our Equipment Lease approval process usually requires a simple one page credit application we use to approve a company up to $150k. A bank will require a full financial …Read More

2013 Updates for Section 179 Deductions

Section 179 Deductions Jan 2, 2013  – Big news: Section 179 has received a nice boost for the 2013 tax year. To read details, download the 154 page H.R.8: American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Better known as the “Fiscal Crisis Bill”, this raises Section 179’s limits for both the 2012 and 2013 tax years. Here are the new Section 179 Deduction Limits for 2013 (and 2012 retroactive) 2013 Deduction Limit …Read More