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Cryotherapy Equipment Financing

Cryotherapy Equipment Financing

Brickhouse Capital is the national leader in cryo machine financing. Cryo is applicable to nearly all health and wellness industries and we’ve had a significant presence in aesthetic medical equipment financing for 15 years. Cryo is used by medical doctors, chiropractors, fitness and wellness professionals and aspiring new businesses.

Whole Body Cryo Therapy is a 3 minute session inside of a cryo sauna that uses extreme cold nitrogen vapor that exposes the body to extreme cooling temperatures to produce the ultimate in cold therapy.

Cryo is an alternative to the uncomfortable experience of an ice bath that has a similar benefit. It reduces the temperature of the body to flush out inflammation to aid in joint and muscle repair.

Unlike whole body units, localized cryotherapy devices can target specific areas of the body that need extra attention with temperatures up to -240 degrees F. Local area treatments are only about 5-10 minutes.

We provide 100% financing for the following devices:

  • Whole Body Cryo chambers
  • Local cryo devices
  • Cool sculpting units
  • Specialized cryo units and other consumer cryo devices

Here are some of the highlights:

Application only financing of up to $200,000 (no financial statements required)*

  • No down payment required
  • Equipment Loans and Leases
  • Credit approval within 1 or 2 days
  • New business and start up equipment financing (additional info may be required – call for terms)
  • Rates starting at 5%+*

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*Financing underwritten by Brickhouse Capital, LLC and
affiliates. All of the above programs and rates are based on
approved business & personal credit and are not a commitment
to finance. Programs are subject to approval by our credit
department or the credit department of our affiliates or assigns.
Satisfactory bank reference with no NSF or overdraft activity,
no personal or business bankruptcies, business and personal
credit free of any suits, liens or judgments, financial ratios to
be used in conjunction with standard acceptable ratios.