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Case Studies

Equipment Leasing Case Studies

Reading about how we have helped companies grow though our direct lending ability for a variety of equipment leasing options may help in learning about the possibilities.  Below is a few samples of success stories:

  • $300,000 for one of the largest dairies in the United States – Their tax returns fluctuated so much that their bank couldn’t finance them. We were able to look at the collateral and provide a structure that worked for them and us.
  • $27,000 for a 1999 back hoe and a 1984 paver – The client is a road paving contractor with difficulty getting paid over the past few years which had some negative consequences to his personal and business credit. Most lenders would pass him up, but after talking with him we got a good sense of his business. He had just recently closed a contract with a neighboring county. We were able to get a contact at the county and called and verified what our lessee had said. It was a 5 minute conversation and most lenders wouldn’t think of spending the time on.
  • $50,000 for a start-up daycare center for furniture and kitchen equipment – Many lenders shy away from start-up business but we feel all start-ups are not created equal. This day care center with great personal credit scores. The husband was keeping his day job as an engineer where he has worked for over 10 years. A w-2 provided showed he makes $95,000 a year. The couple provided a well thought out business plan that outlined, in detail, their expenses, projections and working capital reserves.