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What is a Lease Purchase for Equipment Financing?

What is a Lease Purchase for Equipment Financing? Leasing Equipment instead of making outright purchases has many advantages, especially for new or expanding companies. A Lease Purchase Agreement enables you to obtain equipment that you may otherwise be unable to afford, but that you need to grow your company and increase your profits. It allows you to purchase the equipment to increase revenue while you pay it off over time. …Read More

How do I really get my business loan approved?

Although there may be no simple answer to this question but here are 3 things to focus on to increase your chances. Have consistent information – Many businesses will ask for a financing approval and supply one business name on the loan application, a different will appear on their bank statements and then yet another company name on their tax returns, financial statements or business license. When you speak with …Read More

Benefits of Asset Financing for Today’s Business Owner

Asset financing or leasing offers a variety of benefits, especially in today’s economic climate. One of the main reasons that many business owners choose this option is to reduce their initial out-of-pocket expenditures. Leasing could be the right choice for your business, too. Here’s why. The available programs vary in their structure but in some cases no down payment is required. Some direct lenders offer 100% asset finance and also …Read More

Leasing vs. Bank Loan

The Advantages of Leasing vs Financing When considering whether to do an equipment lease or use a bank loan to fund your equipment purchase, it is good to consider the following items to make an informed decision: Information Needed for approval:  Our Equipment Lease approval process usually requires a simple one page credit application we use to approve a company up to $150k. A bank will require a full financial …Read More