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5 Manufacturing Industries That Can Benefit from Equipment Leasing

5 Manufacturing Industries That Can Benefit from Equipment Leasing

Manufacturing isn’t just an important sector of the U.S. economy; the manufacturing sector is vital and more important than ever.

All sectors of manufacturing contribute $2.1 trillion to the U.S. economy. The manufacturing industry produces finished products through the use of machines, tools and packaging lines.

So why is financing for manufacturing equipment important?

  1. Manufacturing companies need financing for an efficient expansion
  2. Freeing up lines of credit
  3. Preserving working capital

5 Industries That Can Benefit from Equipment Leasing

  1. Transportation equipment financing

Transportation equipment and vehicles. This includes light industry such as automobile manufacturing and heavy industry such as aerospace and shipbuilding.

  1. Electronics equipment

Development and production of consumer electronics and information technology hardware for businesses such as telecommunications equipment.

  1. Chemical equipment financing

The production of industrial chemicals and related products such as plastics.

  1. Pharmaceutical equipment financing

The pharmaceutical industry researches, develops, produces and markets medications, medical devices and other healthcare supplies and they all require equipment such as sorters and production line financing.

  1. Building Industry

Building materials such s brick, architectural glass and flooring are all produced by large machines that require financing.