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Boosting Sales as an Equipment Vendor

Boosting Sales as an Equipment Vendor

As an equipment vendor, your main goal is to sell more equipment but it can be a bit tricky to increase your sales if you’re relying on old systems. Selling is constantly changing, and you have to change with it. To drive more profits, you must make your financing process simpler, faster to stay up to speed and competitive in the changing market. In this article, we will explore just a few of the many ways to increase sales as an equipment vendor.

Provide Financing Options

Meeting your clients where they are at on an individual level Is key. One way to do so is to provide equipment financing. Providing financing can be advantageous to both you and the client. Working with a financing company like Brickhouse Capital who work diligently to provide your clients with fast credit decisions, a secure online application, and easy documentation making a smooth financing process overall can be appealing to your client to provide them with the affordability and flexibility that financing offers. Providing an estimate can be beneficial for your client to see, try using our equipment lease calculator.

Build and Maintain Customer Relationships.

Building strong relationships with your customers can be a significant resource to grow sales for your business.

Customer service is key for repeat business. Repeat business can be as high as 60-70%. Exceptional customer service can make your business stand out from the competitors. Being fast with response times and being flexible can improve your customer service. Do your best to come up with a solution when a problem or a glitch happens along the way.

Scheduling timely follow-ups is a great way to stay connected and maintain that supplier-customer relationship.

Understand your Audience

Being highly visible to your target audience is crucial. This means having a strong social media presence and designing your website with your target customers’ needs in mind. Today, there are many platforms to reach your target audience. In addition, frequently blogging about your equipment and common issues related to your industry is useful. Knowing your audience means knowing what rates they’re willing to pay and what brands they prefer.

We have unsurpassed response times and our clients notice how simple & efficient a financing activity can be working with us. Acquiring new equipment isn’t always the easiest, but working with Brickhouse capital—we will keep your goals in mind. With over 18 years of experience and our supportive customer service we can help you with your equipment needs to grow your business. Start the conversation today