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Does Your Company Have a Presence?

We’re are all drawn to people who have a “presence” and companies are sort of the same way. People who have a presence are charismatic but companies who have a presence are findable.

When a potential customer is deciding whether or not to work with you – or when an equipment lender like us is evaluating you – your company is searched for online hits to see if you have reviews or at least a basic presence.

Here are three ways to increase your company’s presence:

  1. List your company in online business directories. Everyone talks about SEO but it is surprising how many companies aren’t taking advantage of free online listings such as superpages.com, manta.com and google.com.
  2. Have a business credit report. Call Dunn & Bradstreet or Equifax Business and ask how you can be listed in their database. Sometimes there’s a fee for this but even the lowest priced program can get you noticed.
  3. Make a simple statement. If you don’t have a website, make a simple one page site that has a clear statement about what you do and how to reach you. If you have an extensive site – put your phone number and address on it so companies evaluating you can see that you’re real.

Listing your company takes little time and when it shows up, it proves that you’re established, broad based and legitimate.