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5 Trendy Commercial Kitchen Appliances For Restaurant Efficiency

5 Trendy Commercial Kitchen Appliances For Restaurant Efficiency

Commercial kitchens can be tricky to create, which could be the understatement of the year.

Restaurant owners need appliances that are functional but also look great.

And though some pieces of older, sturdier equipment can probably go the distance year after year without too much fuss, there are some definite advantages to having newer items, everything from more features and better performance to improved energy efficiency.

You may have pieces of older, sturdier equipment that you keep crossing your fingers that it keeps on humming. But at the same time, you know that there are so many newer features, functionality, energy efficiency and overall aesthetics that can make it fun – and smart — to invest in cool new appliances and machinery.

For anyone looking to put together a commercial kitchen or upgrade their existing equipment, try these trendy new devices or improvements on favorites from the past.

  1. Blodgett Mini Combi Oven. One of the hottest things about this boilerless electric combination oven is that it only takes up 2 feet of kitchen space. Each rack has a separate timer, handy for multi-tasking and meal rushes. It includes a variety of pre-programmed settings for common items, plus room to store 500 recipes with up to 15 steps. The racks also are reversible, and great for roasting or baking. $15,200.
  2. Wells-Bloomfield Heated Disher Well. This device holds utensils at a safe temperature.  Rather than having cutlery and tableware sit for hours exposed to bacteria or other contaminants , they stay in the 150-degree water until needed. It is more efficient for the servers or kitchen staff to get them there, and more environmentally efficient to have water circulating rather than always refreshing or washing.  It’s handy for ice cream too since the spoons/scoops will be warmer and easier to use. $800-$1,000
  3. Kelvinator Reach-in Refrigerator. This new stainless steel beauty is 18 cubic feet. What’s especially handy is that the dual-plane glass front panel is filled with argon gas, which keeps contents cool and the kitchen heat from getting in. The bright interior lighting lets you can take a peek what’s inside without opening the door and letting the air out. $1,700.
  4. Sub-Zero-Wolf Induction Range. This 30-inch range cooks faster and more evenly than gas. It comes with 10 automatic cooking modes. There’s room for different sized pans and dishes, and the induction zone means you never worry about leaving a burner on too long (induction cooking is done by magnets and compatible pans.)  There’s also some fun extras like delayed start timer and Sabbath mode. $6,700.
  5. Vinotemp Wine Chiller. Your kitchen may have a special place for bottles of wine, like a climate-controlled cellar or humidor. But it may not be the easiest to go back and forth quickly based on guest requests. Instead, this device holds up to 46 bottles of reds and whites. It can be a handy way to always have popular vintages or brands on hand.  This product offers dual racks, so one type can be chilling while the other half stays at room temperature. A digital readout makes it easy to see what the temperatures are. You also can adjust the temps from 40 to 72 degrees F.  $900.

Today’s commercial kitchens can offer the perfect blend of form and function: you want devices that look good but also work well. If you’ve been searching for proper kitchen items , or even an upgrade, the team at Brickhouse Capital is happy to assist with a range of restaurant equipment financing options.