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IT Equipment Leasing

IT Equipment Leasing – The smart choice for technology and here’s why.

Equipment leasing has been around for 5000 years, but a lot has changed since the first farmers shook hands on leasing an Ox Cart. Today, businesses spend billions of dollars a year leasing computer hardware, leasing software to run their business. Unlike a bull dozer or a tractor, IT Equipment depreciates quickly because the new hardware being invented to immediately replace it. Often, businesses need the latest IT Software technology and IT hardware to stay competitive.

It’s debatable on what the greatest advantage of leasing as whole is and many times it depends on the industry or individual company. But when it comes to technology and hardware, leasing technology is an invaluable tool to preserve your company’s cash on hand.

If you spend $50,000 on new servers today there is a good chance those same servers will be worth about $5,000 in 3 years! Think about it, the smart move is to finance something that loses value so quickly because your essentially devaluing your dollar. With inflation on the horizon and rates low now, you should pay back the lease with cheaper dollars. With the free capital you would have spent on equipment you can invest in an employee, marketing or a down payment on a commercial property.

When you lease computer hardware, lease IT Equipment or Lease Software with Brickhouse Capital, you’re using our dollars which allows you the freedom of additional liquidity, a complete expense of the payment and flexibility to weather up and down business cycles.

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