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UV Light Sanitation and The Equipment You Need

UV Light Sanitation and The Equipment You Need

Does your business need to finance UV light equipment to sanitize your space and battle Covid?

How it works:

COVID-19 has brought more and more attention to the technique of using ultraviolet light to rid retail spaces, offices and other public places of disease – so how does it work?

This research is very timely as the world looks for new ways to disinfect all areas and help eliminate the Covid-19. A particular type of ultraviolet light known as far-UVC could be safely used for air disinfection in public places without harming people.

UV-C light is strong enough using its energy to destroy the genetic material — either DNA or RNA — of viruses and bacteria. While it destroys the bacteria, It also triggers mutations that prevent the bacteria or virus from reproducing properly.

UV-C light has been used as a means of disinfecting hospital wards and operating theatres for decades. More businesses are looking into the science of using UV light to prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading, to make people feel safe and to help prevent closing their businesses.

Here are some of the businesses and organizations that are looking into UV Light equipment financing:

  • Office Buildings.
  • Assisted Living or Group Homes.
  • Fitness Businesses and Studios.
  • Malls and Clothing Stores.
  • Grocery Stores.
  • Subways Cars and Public Transportation.

Here are some specific pieces to consider using UV lighting:

  • Xenex LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots : Is the first disinfection system of its kind to deliver intense germicidal action from 200-315nm. It’s a user-friendly robot that’s intensely pathogen deadly.
  • Xenex LightStrike Disinfection Pod: is the first of its kind mobile disinfection pod to help hospitals disinfect high-touch complex equipment such as Isolettes, Ventilators, Ultrasounds, Vital Sign Monitors, Wheel Chairs, and Mobile Work Stations
  • PurpleSun E300: A mobile and configurable light-based technology that treats every angle of healthcare equipment for the purpose of disinfection in only 90 seconds using FMUV light-based delivery.
  • Purplesun Space-1: The SPACE-1 is a modular device that provides 360-degree exposure for treating entire spaces or rooms for the purpose of rapid disinfection.
  • Cleanse Tote: Portable UV light sanitizing case.
  • Cleanse Downlight: The Cleanse Downlight is a passive and continuous method to sanitize air and surfaces in occupied spaces. Equipped with a Far-UVC source.
  • Cleanse Cabinet: The Cleanse Cabinet is an on-site cleaning station that offers sanitization of personal items or shared equipment. Armed with multiple ultraviolet (UV) sources.

Here are a few companies that you might want to consider contacting: